FRAG Pro Shooter v2.21.0 MOD, (Menu, One Shot Kill, Unlimited Ammo, Ability, Diamonds, Coins, Mass Kill and More) Latest 2022

 FRAG Pro Shooter v2.21.0 MOD, (Menu, One Shot Kill, Unlimited Ammo, Ability, Diamonds, Coins, Mass Kill and More) Latest 2022

FRAG Pro Shooter v2.21.0 MOD, (Menu, One Shot Kill, Unlimited Ammo, Ability, Diamonds, Coins, Mass Kill and More) Latest version 2022

RAG is a free PvP hero game. Choose your hero, create your team, enter the arena and start the combat. Discover FRAG, the FPS and TPS battle game by Oh BiBi!

Play explosive 1v1 duels against players worldwide in this FPS and TPS game designed for your phone. If you prefer social games, don’t worry; we have a 2vs2 online team game option.

PvP mode filled with epic battles:

- Join players from all over the world who love battle games

- Meet other players for short and crazy online PvP battles

- Control your character in first person (FPS) or third person (TPS) games views

- Discover the new 2v2 team mode! Cooperate with one of your friends or a random player to defeat the opponent team

- 100+ unique weapons: try them all

In case you want to fire offline, don’t worry, Frag lets you fire offline as well!

FRAG has everything a game needs: FPS and TPS options, auto fire, and all the controls are adjustable to fit over your playing style!

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What's New :

Season 21! For the Forest!

- New reworked Fraggers: Captain Polar and Nautica!

- New Community Event: Restore the Waterfalls map, unite against deforestation, and plant real trees!

- Updated visual effects for a lot of Fraggers!

- Balancing changes and bug fixes.

MOD Features :

*Mod Menu

- [ Player Menu ] -
- Godmode
- One Shot Kill
- Wall Hack
- Unlimited Ammo
- Unlimited Ability
- Freeze Bots
- Speed
- [ Account Menu ] -
- Unlimited Diamonds - [ Fixed At 4,500 - Enable Before Loading Screen]
- Unlimited Coins - [ Fixed At 10,000 - Enable Before Loading Screen]
- Unlimited Joker Cards [ Adds 10,000 Every Time You Open A Chest ] [NEW]
- [ More Options ] -
- Mass Kill [NEW]
- Tele Kill [NEW]
- Change Height [NEW]
- Player Size [NEW]
- [ Passive ] - No Ads [NEW

- [ How To Get Unlimited Diamonds / Coins ]
Start Game
Enable Unlimited Diamond / Coins
Then Buy Something With Coins / Diamonds
Now You Should Have 4,500 Diamonds , 10,000 Coins
You Don't Have To Do This Method Anymore If You Can Buy Items With That Currency It Will Go Up To The Fixed Amount

Discovered Progressing Too Fast Will Not Upload Your Save Leading To No Connection Error [NEW FIND]

- [ If Your Getting Ads When Trying To Start A Game , It Means You've Been Banned ] 

*Modded by Axey | 

 *tolong jika Anda punya uang sekarang atau nanti... silakan berlangganan atau beli versi aslinya... versi asli lebih baik daripada versi mod... dan dengan demikian Anda juga membantu mendukung pengembang aplikasi.

*please if you have money now or later... please subscribe or buy the original version... original version is better than the mod version... and thus you also help support app developers.

Important! to play the game, to be safe make sure it is not connected to the internet connection, turn off the internet connection, turn off wifi, cellular data, or if you still want to play the game application, on online, the solution is to create a new account, so as not to be banned, if you are banned, delete data  your game app, or reinstall your game app.

Penting! untuk memainkan game nya, untuk amannya pastikan tidak terhubung dengan koneksi internet, matikan koneksi internet, matikan wifi, data seluler, atau jika masih ingin memainkan aplikasi game nya secara online, solusinya adalah  buat akun baru, agar tidak dibanned, jika  Anda diBanned, hapus data aplikasi game nya, atau instal ulang aplikasi game nya.

  • Modded by Axey | 



FRAG Pro Shooter APK Version Original Without MOD Via PlayStore

Please contact me if the link is broken / apk error / has not updated the latest version :
Website : @Axey PMT Modder 

How to install FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Menu 2.21.0 Latest version Apk 2022
For pro per installation of Mod Application please follow the instructions step by step:
1.If FRAG Pro Shooter is installed on you Android you have to uninstall it.
2.Download FRAG Pro Shooter mod apk on the download link above.
3.When downloaded, look for the apk file in the download folder or storage place that you want on your android storage.
4.Before installing, make sure you have turned on an unknown source.
5.Select the application then install it directly like installing an apk in general.
6.Wait until the install process is complete, when it's finished just open it.
7.And enjoy! Play game

Enable Unknown Sources to Install the Mod 
1.Go to Settings on your Android device. 
2.Here click on the option named Security. 
3.Here, under Device administrator look for Unknown Sources. 
4.Turn ON the Unkown Sources.

Thus the article about FRAG Pro Shooter Mod, hopefully useful and don't forget to subscribe and share this article so that we are growing ... Thank you.

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